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Find the perfect foundationfor your skin 

Is your foundation failing you? You’ve got the shade down, but it’s still not quite doing it? It’s time to start thinking about skin type. The wrong foundation for your skin type will only end up accentuating what you want hidden, so making sure you get it right is essential for that flawless finish. ​

Foundation for oily or combination skin 

Oily skin is naturally moisturised as it is, so the best foundation for oily skin will be one with a matte finish. ​

Powder foundation for oily skin gives a more natural matte look but if you overdo it, it could end up looking a tad too dry and cakey. On the other hand, liquid foundation can come in a satin, matte, or dewy finish, covering all bases so it’s suitable for just about any skin. ​

If you’re going for a liquid foundation, you may prefer an oil-free or oil-controlling formula. All Nighter Liquid Foundation from Urban Decay is oil-free with a modern matte finish that never looks overdone. Serving you long-lasting wear of up to 24 hours, All Nighter absorbs oil to reduce shine on your skin throughout the day. ​

Combination skin could mean you’ve got an oily T-zone but your cheeks are dry, or it could be when your skin is just a bit inconsistent – dry one day and oily the next. ​

If you have combination skin, you may prefer a buildable coverage foundation. That way, you can work the areas that need it most without overdoing it in areas that need less attention. Choose a liquid foundation with a light matte finish to conceal oiliness without going too far in the other direction. ​

With combination skin, you’ve got a bit of freedom to mix and match and play around with different finishes. That being said, full matte is probably going to be too much for combination skin. Try our Stay Naked 24-Hour foundation. This liquid foundation serves buildable, medium coverage with a real-skin matte finish, and comes in 50 shades to suit any skin and undertone. ​

Foundation for dry skin 

For dry skin, try a moisturising foundation such as our hydration-packed Stay Naked Hydromaniac Tinted Glow FoundationPacked full of skin loving ingredients such as Kombucha filtrate and marula oil, it’s formulated to keep thirsty skin quenched all day.

Using powder foundation on dry skin will emphasise flaky patches and lines. The wrong foundation could also lead to a cakey finish if you have to layer it up to conceal dryness. We recommend choosing a liquid foundation with a natural finish that contains hydrating oils if you have dry skin. ​

Foundation for mature skin 

For mature skin, try a foundation with light to medium coverage. Hydrating or satin-finish liquid foundations work really well here, as mature skin tends to sit on the dry side, which can intensify redness and irritation in the skin.  ​

Another thing to remember when looking for the best foundation for mature skin; UK sunlight can be pretty harsh; which can impact your skin at any age, but especially as it matures. Always use a separate SPF to your foundation to protect your skin from UVA & UVB rays and always make sure SPF is part of your moisturising routine.​

Look for dewy foundations with hyaluronic acid, which helps lock moisture into the skin while adding a bit of glow. ​

Heavy coverage matte foundations settle into wrinkles and creases, which could draw attention to them, so if you want full coverage try a rich face moisturiser or hydrating primer beneath a light to medium coverage foundation instead. ​

For both dry and mature skin, we recommend Urban Decay Stay Naked Hydromaniac Tinted Glow foundation. It is packed full of skin loving ingredients, like nourishing marula oil and kombucha filtrate, perfect for a sheer finish that evens out your texture while moisturising the skin. ​

No matter what your skin type, you’ll find what you need with Urban Decay. Explore our full range of foundations and find the best fit for your flawless look, or find your perfect shade with our foundation shade finder tool.



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