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How to apply Bronzer, Blush and Highlight for a Healthy Glow

If you’re after a glowing makeup look, you’ll need bronzer, blush, and highlighter in your makeup routine. But how do you best apply them?  

Here, we’ll find out where to put them on your face, and how best to apply them too.  

Where to put bronzer

Bronzer often looks best when it's applied to the places on your face where the sun would naturally shine – consider applying it to your cheekbones and browbones, as well as your nose, chin, and temples. Or, if there’s anywhere else you’d like an extra highlight, feel free to apply some there.  

Why not try the bronzer from our Stay Naked Threesome Palette? It has a vegan formula infused with moringa seed oil that lasts for up to 14 hours, as well as silky-smooth texture with a natural satin finish. It comes in three different shades to suit your skin tone. 

Beached Bronzer in color Bronzed

Beached Bronzer

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How to apply bronzer

To best apply a bronzer, like our Beached Bronzer, use a big brush with a generous amount of powder on – if there’s too much, simply blow it off before applying the powder to your skin.  

Start with the cheeks and move up in a ‘C’ formation to your temples, being sure to blend. Go over the nose gently, and don’t forget any other areas where you might want to apply bronzer.  

Then, apply lightly to the front of your neck, and blend it in. If you’ve used too much, you can grab a clean cotton pad and buff some of the powder off.

Where to apply blush 

Often, where you put blush can depend on your face shape. If you’ve got an oval face, sweep blush over your cheekbones – if your face shape is more square, put blush just below the cheekbones. For heart-shaped faces, it’s best to start at the outer corner of your cheekbone by the ear, and finish below the outer corner of the eye.  

For rounder faces, apply blush from the ear to the mouth down the cheekbone, with a little blush on the chin. Meanwhile, for square faces, apply blush just below the cheekbone and in the hairline.



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How to apply blush 

Apply a blush like the one from our Stay Naked Palette once you’ve prepped your skin. Pick a shade – there are three to choose from when it comes to the Stay Naked Palette – and choose the right brush.  

The best blush brushes should be soft and dense, and good at diffusing colour. When brushes are packed too tightly, they can pick up too much blush and overwhelm your face.  

If you have a heart-shaped face, apply blush in a ‘C’ shape along the cheekbone and up towards the temple. If your forehead, cheeks, and jawline are all around the same width, blend your blush from the cheek to the nose and then up to the temple.



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Where to put highlighter

As a general rule, put highlighter on the areas of your face that would naturally pick up light. For many of us, that will include the front of the cheeks, the area under the eyebrows, the bridge of the nose and the inner corners of the eye.  

Other areas that work well with highlighter are the cupid’s bow and the lower chin – and don’t forget the collarbone! 

Diffusing Highlighter Brush in color

Diffusing Highlighter Brush

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How to apply highlighter 

When applying a highlighter, like the one in our Stay Naked Threesome Palette, it’s important to get the right brush. A smaller brush like our Diffusing Highlighter Brush allows for precision and control, and the diffused effect allows you to get the glowing makeup look you’re after.  

When applying to your cheeks, move the brush in ‘C’ shapes facing inwards. For your nose, focus on the bridge. You might want to add a small dot of highlighter to the tip of your nose too – the small brush will allow you to do so with optimal precision.

How to apply liquid highlighter 

What about liquid highlighter? Make a start by dapping liquid highlighter over your high points, before sheering with a brush, or your fingers, to blend them. Go above and below your brow bones and apply it diagonally from the middle of your cheekbones towards your hairline.  

With liquid highlighter, don’t forget to apply some down the bridge of your nose before putting a dot onto your cupid’s bow, and apply around your eyes and cheekbones in that ‘C’ shape again.  

Applying bronzer, blush and highlighter is simple when you know how, so why not take a look at our range, here

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