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How to Do the Perfect Cut Crease

What is a cut crease?  

The cut crease trend has maintained popularity for a while now for good reason – a cut crease eyeshadow look is super flattering and can be a great way to switch up your usual glam. It essentially involves combining a lighter shade of eyeshadow against a darker shade to cut across the crease of your eyelid and create a beautiful contrast. The resulting look can make your eyes appear bigger, more defined and extra glam! Read on to follow all of our top tips and expert advice on how to achieve the perfect cut crease. 

What makeup brushes and tools will I need to create a cut crease? 

You can add a few different tools to your cut crease eye makeup routine, but ensuring you have the basics is a great idea before you get started. 

The first thing you'll need is a good liquid concealer to cut across the crease of the eye. Using a concealer here rather than a simple shadow can result in the cut crease appearing much more defined and precise. Our Stay Naked Concealer has a lightweight, hyper-pigmented formula with up to 24-hour wear that is perfect to use in your cut crease look. 

To cut the crease, it's important to have a good concealer brush to hand that will help to make smooth, precise lines such as our UD Pro Detailed Concealer Brush. It has a flat surface that is perfect for carving out the crease, soft bristles and a slim handle to maximise accuracy. 

The last main thing you'll need is an eyeshadow palette full of warm, neutral tones that can allow you to add shadows and further definition to the eye. Try out our Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette for this which includes 12 amber neutral shades that are highly pigmented, velvety smooth and with extreme blendability that can help to contour the eye.

How to do a cut crease



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Step 1

Before we cut the crease, we need a base to create the contrast that's definitive to a cut crease eye look. First, take our Original Eyeshadow Primer Potion, the UK’s no.1 eye primer, to prep the lids for crease-free application. Then, pick a warm shade to add some subtle shadow to your eye such as 'Sauced' or 'Low Blow' from the Naked Heat Palette. Taking your chosen shade, use a small, fluffy eyeshadow brush to gently buff this into the natural crease of your eye and slightly upwards towards your brow, then also taking it onto your lower lash line.

Step 2

Next use a darker shade from the Naked Heat palette such as 'Cayenne' or 'He Devil' to begin to deepen the shadow further. Taking the same brush, gently buff the product into the crease without taking it up too far. This keeps the pigment more concentrated for a more striking contrast once the cut crease is complete. Blend until both shadows are seamless. 

Step 3

Now it's time to cut the crease! Take our Detailed Concealer brush and pick up some of the Stay Naked Concealer. The best hack to cut your crease is to apply concealer first directly across your eyes as if applying normal eyeliner and then lowering your head and looking upwards for a few seconds. You'll notice some concealer has transferred, and this spot indicates where you will cut the crease; this can help to prevent product transfer and creasing later on. 

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Step 4

Using where your concealer has transferred as a guide, draw along this line beginning from the inner corner of your eye. Once you have reached the outer corner of your eye, extend the concealer line outwards, creating a wing-like effect. Then, add a small amount of extra concealer onto your brush and gently pat this into the rest of your eyelid so that it blends with the line you have just created. Dust over our All Nighter Setting Powder to lock the cut crease into place and avoid creasing. 

Naked Heat in color

Naked Heat

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Step 5

To increase the contrast, apply a lighter eyeshadow all over where you have just applied concealer, such as 'Ounce' or 'Chaser' from the Naked Heat Palette. This creates that striking matte contrast that completes your cut crease. If you wish, you could even add a shimmer shade here instead like 'Lumbre' for an extra glam cut crease look.

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Step 6

To complete the look, apply a classic winged eyeliner using a pigmented black liquid liner like our Perversion Fine Point Eye Pen, ensuring the wing follows a similar angle to the wing of the cut crease. Then apply a few coats of our Perversion mascara to thicken the lashes and make the look even more dramatic! 

And you're done! Practising the steps above can help make sure your cut crease game is perfected so that you can use it for lots of different looks. Experiment with other shades, shimmers vs mattes and even coloured eyeliners to switch it up! 

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